I’m first to admit that my garden is a little out of control. During 2019 most of what was growing was established fruit trees, berries and herbs, along with whatever had self-seeded (think silverbeet, parsley, coriander) and a whole lot of unwelcome weeds, usually in the form of invasive grasses. Some would call it neglect. And really, it was a lack of motivation as the garden seemed so overwhelming.

I had been tinkering with the layout and what I wanted to grow over the past 7 years. More recently I had started to use the raised garden beds, originally set up as crop rotation beds for vegetables, to house fruit trees which reduced the seasonal crops area. The two garden beds behind the chook run were used for blueberries, but the soil was woeful despite my best efforts to improve it, and after losing a couple of the blueberry plants, I replanted the remaining blueberries into big pots and moved them to a more sheltered area of the garden to (hopefully) improve so they will provide a crop next season. Those two garden beds are currently empty and I haven’t completely decided what to do with them – I’ll put that on the 2020 to do list! That, along with the long narrow bed that runs alongside the chook run which I have twice dug all of the grass out and still grows more grass than anything else. Sigh.

So while sitting on my favourite bench overlooking the garden at the end of 2019, I decided that I needed to get back into posting my journey on the My Home Harvest blog, that would help keep me accountable, but I felt that I also needed a focus. Something manageable and achievable.

I had just started to put frames around the front section of the vegetable garden, and worked out that the four framed sections added up to around 10 square metres. Outside this would be my perennial herbs, fruit trees, berries, asparagus and rhubarb and anything else that wanted to self seed (within reason!) and I would leave this rather unplanned. But within the 10 square metres of growing space I wanted to focus on growing 10 crops that our family decided to grow, our top 10. This would be the focus of my monthly updates, and posts in between. It would keep me focused on growing 10 crops rather than growing ‘all the things’. Of course I’m not going to ignore the rest of my garden and will happily share updates on what else is going on, but my aim has always been to encourage more people to get growing. Hopefully a few of you will follow along my 10 in 10 challenge and decide to grow your favourites, or some of our favourites alongside me. I do hope you’ll join me. Stay tuned.

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