February weather has been all over the place! The weather has been warm, cold, hot, humid, rainy and stormy – and while the summer crops are nearing the end, my mind is already focused on Autumn crops.

This February my ’10 in 10′ garden beds didn’t have a huge production output, but it is a mix of mature, young and new plantings – here’s where we’re at as of the end of the month

Garden Bed 1:

  • Mature/fruiting and flowering tomatoes that have passed their peak but still producing. Fruit this year seems to be taking forever to ripen
  • Mature basil and basil seedlings
  • Rocket which had gone to seed was removed
  • A single cucumber plant which is fruiting
  • potatoes that are flowering and a few that we dug up this month for new/chat potatoes.
  • established chives still going strong
  • self seeded purslane which I will keep – yes it’s a weed, but it’s great in salads!
potatoes harvested
tomatoes dying back
Tomatoes and basil

Garden Bed 2:

  • flowering and fruiting tomato plants
  • young and established basil plants
  • established chives
  • established thyme
  • two zucchini plants – the rest were removed as they didn’t recover after the hail damage
  • puslane (self seeded)
  • new plantings of carrots, lettuce and onion (seed tape) – was aiming to plant twice, but only planted once – will plant again in March
  • new plantings of cucumber seedlings in late Feb
new cucumber seedlings
seed tape carrots, lettuce, onion
garden bed 2
basil and tomatoes

Plans for March for the 10 crops:

Crop March tasks
Tomatoes Continue to harvest tomatoes over February, save seeds from the best performers to use for next season. Remove plants once they are no longer productive.
Basil Continue to harvest and trim/pinch-out tops when going to seed
Cucumber Young plants, hoping that they get to fruiting stage before it gets too cold
Zucchini Harvest zucchinis, trim back dead growth, watch for powdery mildew, remove plants if needed. Hand pollinate to help with fruit set.
Carrots Sow twice (two weeks apart)
Lettuce / Salad Greens Trial planting in punnets as well as sow seeds direct into garden bed. Sow twice, two weeks apart. Plant lettuce, rocket and baby spinach.
Potatoes Harvest potatoes when the plants die back, in the meantime, feed and mulch.
Cabbage Sow seeds inside to plant out in April/May
Broccoli/ Cauliflower Sow seeds inside in small pots to plant out in April

Other tasks for March
I will continue to add manure and mulch with the new plantings and when the heavy feeding tomatoes and the rest of the zucchini are removed. Grass and weeds continue to invade my patch so weeding is a must!

I’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month, and will have a blog review of the month for you towards the end of March.

Until then – get growing!

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