What a difference a month makes. As March ends and we are largely in a phase of isolation, spending more time at home and more time in the garden. Given the surge of people purchasing seeds and seedlings, it seems that lots of people are doing the same – it’s a great time to join the challenge and grow more of your own food! We are also on a waitlist for new chooks (who knew we would run out of chooks?) as we have finally felt ready to replace our flock which we lost to a fox at the end of January. If all goes to plan we should have them by the end of April so stay tuned.

March in my ’10 in 10′ garden beds has been all about transition – here’s where we’re at as of the end of the month

  • Mature/fruiting and flowering tomatoes are about to be removed – some fruit has ripened but the rest are green and the plants are well past their prime.
  • Mature basil has been harvested throughout the month – we have 12 jars of basil pesto in the freezer and hopefully the basil will last another month for one more batch of pesto
  • potatoes that are starting to shoot in random section which will dig up and move to one area as they appear.
  • established chives still going strong
  • self seeded purslane which I will keep – yes it’s a weed, but it’s great in salads!
  • our two zucchini plants in this space have been the most productive plants in the space
  • our February plantings of carrots and lettuce and coming along nicely – the onions though never grew so we will need to try again.
  • cucumber seedlings were planted in late February but haven’t really taken off as yet – this was a late planting so we’ll see what happens.

Most of the work for the garden has been done inside and on the deck where we’ve been raising seeds to plant out for April – cauliflower and cabbage mainly – and given the extra time to spend on the garden of the next few months, we are also planting broadbeans, silverbeet and some asian greens in some of the ofter garden beds here at My Home Harvest HQ.

Garden Bed 1 with basil, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, chives and thyme
The last of the tomatoes
raising new seedlings on the deck, first in punnets and then the strongest seedlings are moved into larger pots
Garden Bed 2: lots of basil, very tired looking tomatoes, some struggling cucumber seedlings and a sunflower!
Basil going to seed
These zucchini flowers are bigger than the zucchini!
Seed tape carrot seedlings, some will need thinning to ensure a good crop
Seed tape lettuce before thinning
Lettuce gone to seed

Plans for April for the 10 crops:

Crop April tasks
Tomatoes Remove last of the tomato plants, add manure and mulch ready for replanting.
Basil Continue to harvest and trim/pinch-out tops when going to seed – April may be their last month in the garden!
Cucumber Keep an eye on the young seedlings, if no decent growth then look at removing at the end of April.
Zucchini Harvest zucchinis, trim back dead growth, watch for powdery mildew, remove plants if needed. Hand pollinate to help with fruit set. Again, April might be the last month before removing the plants, though zucchinis are still fruiting.
Carrots Sow twice (two weeks apart)
Lettuce / Salad Greens Trial planting in punnets as well as sow seeds direct into garden bed. Sow twice, two weeks apart. Plant lettuce, rocket and baby spinach.
Peas Plant peas in punnets, to transfer to garden late April.
Cabbage Plant established seedlings out, move strongest seedlings out of punnets into pots to plant out in May.
Broccoli/ CauliflowerPlant established seedlings out, move strongest seedlings out of punnets into pots to plant out in May.

Other tasks for April
With more time to dedicate to the garden I will plant more than what I normally plant this time of year – in the garden beds outside of the challenge we’ll be planting more peas and broadbeans, asian greens and silverbeet.

I’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month, and will have a blog review of the month for you towards the end of April.

Until then – get growing!

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